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Brush Up On Writing and Proofreading Skills To Improve Resume

Career Cougar 12 September, 2017

Resumes can be a daunting aspect of a job search. One of the reasons for this is because, in order to create a great resume, you need to have great writing and proofreading skills. The truth is many people do not have very strong skills in this area. If you are struggling with your resume, brushing up on your writing and proofreading could be just the trick to get that resume complete.

Check Out the Library

If you have not been to the library since you were a student, now is the time to pay it a visit. The library will have tons of great books on writing and proofreading skills. Spending a weekend studying one of these selections can help you to turn your messy resume into a great marketing tool that will really grab the attention of job recruiters.

Enroll In a Class

Many community colleges offer classes that can help you brush up on your writing and proofreading skills in order to create a dynamic resume. These classes are often very inexpensive or even free. Not only will these classes help you’re with creating a resume, but in many cases these courses can count toward certifications that could also prove useful in your job search.

Learn Online

There are plenty of online learning opportunities for adults to improve their writing and proofreading skills for job purposes. Websites such as Kaplan and others similar to it, offer plenty of classes and learning tools that and make practically anyone an expert on anything. The great thing about learning online is that it will not take up too much time or interfere with your job search.